Thursday, July 26, 2012

Playing Games

On a recent evening, after sharing a meal with friends, we lingered at the dinner table and played games of skill and chance.  Both of the games were new to me, but we caught on with the tutelage of our friends and had a grand time.  For someone who professes not to like playing games very much, Larry won every time!  Sitting around the table that night, enjoying each other's company, made me think of a favorite game from my childhood, thanks to a loving and talented uncle. I loved playing "Candyland" and other children's board games that one could purchase at any toy store at the time.  But my favorite was "Aggravation," a game of marbles and dice.  My Uncle Bob was skilled with his hands and had made a wonderful "Aggravation" game board for me out of wood.  The indentations where the marbles were placed had been carefully routed out and painted red.  My name and the date were also meticulously painted in red onto the base of the board.  My parents and I spent countless happy hours playing "Aggravation."  Spending quiet hours playing a game with family or friends is a wonderful way to spend an evening, inspiring conversation and laughter and memories to last a lifetime.

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