Sunday, July 29, 2012

Too Much of a Good Thing

While making a hotel reservation online recently, I ran into a little techno-glitch that frustrated me to no end.  I appreciate many things about our modern technology, but I sometimes truly crave for a simpler time when talking to a person was the way to conduct business, not a nameless, faceless transaction via a computer.  While I must rely on the use of a computer in my work, I make a concerted effort to limit my computer time in my away-from-work life in order to give myself a break and to make space for rest and "real-life" experiences. In the July 2012 edition of deliciousliving magazine, editor in chief  Radha Marcum wrote in her "editor's note" column that she had learned of a recent study about email's influence on heart rates.  She wrote that the study revealed that participants who constantly checked work email had consistently higher heart and stress levels compared with those who took a five-day email hiatus.  Those who took the hiatus also showed an increase in focus and productivity.  I would take those findings even further in my life:  When I consciously make the decision when to connect and disconnect from technology, I empower myself to take in the precious moments in my life with greater attention and respect and give myself the rest I need in order to think creatively and constructively.  Technology is a good thing, but for me, sometimes, it's too much of a good thing.

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