Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Baraboo Hills

My friend Jan stopped by my office one day last week with a beautiful poem, titled "Baraboo Hills," that a relative of hers had written some years ago.  I wish I had known the writer, a gentleman named E.R. Pawlisch, for he had a love for the Baraboo Hills that seems to rival my own.  His eloquence for describing his affection for this place we call home brought me close to tears.  I do believe that people belong to places and places belong to people -- meaning that we resonate so intensely with certain places in our lives that we seem somewhat inseparable from them.  And so it is for the Baraboo Hills for Mr. Pawlisch and for me and for, I daresay, countless others.  As Mr. Pawlisch said so profoundly, "There's romance in those Baraboo Hills...A romance begun there always instills, My love and desire for those Baraboo Hills."  Thanks, Jan.

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