Saturday, August 25, 2012

Come Waltz with Me

Larry and I were invited to the wedding of our friends Nan and Mike yesterday.  In lieu of traditional gifts, the couple asked for those in attendance to complete a card with their wishes for the newlyweds.  The wishes could be read during the toasts.  Here is ours to Nan and Mike and to all who embark on the wonderful adventure of marriage:  If life is a dance, then marriage is a waltz: The grace, the flow, the touch and the twirling of two discrete beings who, when they come together on the dance floor, create something unimaginably lovely.  While the dance may appear effortless, in reality, the dancers work hard to honor self and what they want to become together.  And just as the couple floats around the dance floor, so do the years float by.  And with each year, the dancers perfect their steps until their movements are well synchronized and all you see is how beautiful it is.  May your waltz, your new life together, be light and lovely, joyful and jubilant.

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