Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jubilant and Jumbled

At my place of work, we are encouraged to have clean desk surfaces, in part because of privacy issues surrounding the information with which we work.  I also find that I'm one of those weird animals that thinks much more clearly when I don't have stacks of papers surrounding me or the sound of the radio to distract me.  It's as if my space must be clear in order for my mind to follow suit.  So, I had to laugh when I read a sign at Rotary Gardens in Janesville, Wisconsin lately about English Cottage Gardens being "jubilant and jumbled."  Me, who loves to have everything in its place and likes to surround myself by clear, uncluttered spaces, has an affinity for English Cottage Gardens.  I think they are indeed jubilant, and although they may look as if they lack organization, I realize that to achieve that pleasantly cluttered look, the gardener must plan and tend to his or her garden with energy and devotion.  We're all a series of strange contradictions (it's one of the things that makes us interesting!).  So if you see me with a pristine desk, just know that I like my gardens jumbled.

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