Friday, August 24, 2012


Campfire wood bundles along the roadside.  Tomatoes and zucchini in highway produce stands.  These are great signs of summer and of people making some extra money through ingenuity and an entrepreneurial spirit.  But, my favorite entrepreneurs this summer have been a couple of kids who've set up shop in a front yard at a busy intersection in town.  They're not only enterprising, they're creative.  Day after day, the kids set up tables in the yard with signs that lure you in on a steamy summer afternoon for some"refreshing lemonade."  If you're not interested in lemonade, they'll sell you some used golf balls instead.  There's something for nearly everyone at their street-side business!  The kids' dedication to their summer fundraising makes me think of all of the things that my fellow seventh grade friends and I did so many years ago to raise money to go to France, Switzerland and Belgium with our French class the following summer.  I made decorative wall banners and baskets and sold them at the fair.  My best friend Pam and I picked corn and fertilized lawns.  Working for our trip made the experience just that much more rewarding and enjoyable.  So, whatever the goal is for these two lemonade/golf ball-selling entrepreneurs, I applaud their ingenuity and commitment to the cause.

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