Friday, August 31, 2012

Environmental Acumen

I learned a new term recently: Environmental acumen.  As I understand it, when a person has environmental acumen, he or she has a keen understanding of his or her surroundings, how they work and how the person fits within those surroundings.  It requires discernment, awareness and active assessment skills. It got me to thinking about my own surroundings and how well I know them and function within them.  I'm really a small-town person. For me, everything is personal and everything of value to me is personal.  The environment of a small town fosters intimate interactions, those in which I feel as if I really get to know people.  In my small town, I am afforded countless daily opportunities to say hello to people on the street or in the store aisle and to call them by name.  I am not comfortable nor do I feel as if I thrive in a large city.  As I get older, I relish those moments when I can be in smaller, rural environments, engaged in intimate conversation with family and close friends.  That's my world and I'm happiest when I'm there.

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