Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cicada Sitting

While my friend Kitty and I were on our tour of gardens recently, we decided to take a moment to truly soak in the beauty around us by sitting on a shady bench.  We weren't alone:  A cicada was perched right in the middle, appearing to be taking a moment right along with us.  Near the cicada was a discarded cicada skin, so perhaps he or she had just completed the molting process and was relaxing from the experience.  I've seen cicadas all of my life, but they usually move on rather quickly when I get too close.  This still, little soul gave me the chance to look carefully at its wide-spread, large eyes, its transparent veined wings and its irridescent and beautifully colored body.  What an added treat Kitty and I had that day, enjoying the scenery from our bench with our newfound friend.

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