Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thank You Notes

I watched a television panel discussion recently about the future of the US Postal Service.  One man asked how many times in the last month the other panelists had written a letter or thank-you note and sent it via the US Mail, attempting to make a point that such communications were rapidly becoming extinct.  Larry and I were the fortunate recipients of two thank-you notes recently, one from a lovely young couple whose shower we had attended and the other from a neighbor who was grateful for the gift of some fresh produce.  What at one time seemed commonplace and even expected as a sign of good manners, now seems special and rare, simply because both writers took the time to hand-write their thanks and they did so in a timely fashion.  I would hope that such lovely expressions will never become extinct, nor the US Postal Service.  Call me old fashioned, but I think it's exciting to check the mail and find that someone has been so thoughtful as to select a notecard, write a note, place a special stamp on the envelope and send it to you.  For that, I give thanks.

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