Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Bean

I love this time of year when the garden's bounty is rich and plenty.  In addition to being able to have your quota of zucchini, cucumbers and tomatoes, August is a great time of year for green and yellow beans.  Lately, I've been making three-bean salads in addition to our regular cabbage-veggie slaw.  Both salads make for an easy lunch, and Larry and I eat off of the salads for an entire week, until I visit the farmer's market again.  In fact, we consume so many beans and so many types of beans that you might as well call us Mr. and Mrs. Bean, for we'd probably answer if you did.  When I look at the vibrant, lush produce at this time of year, I eat with such gratitude because I know that in a few short months, such lovely produce will be harder to come by in Wisconsin (unless you froze or canned in the summer) or it will have traveled a long distance to get to us.  Try as they may, the colors, textures and flavors just aren't the same from those mid-winter purchases as they are when you can eat locally grown produce in bountiful August.  So, we'll eat our beans, beans and more beans, glad that the harvest is here.

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