Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Pencil Case

It's already been a few weeks since I saw my first back-to-school commercial and school supply display at a local store.  Summer's still going strong, but school is already on people's minds.  At about the same time I started seeing the commercials and displays, I saw a TV news report about the types of electronics now needed by students, including young students.  I'm really showing my age, but I can remember when it was a big deal to get a new pencil case and a larger box of crayons than I'd had the school year before.  I'd save up my allowance money to contribute to my new school clothes, which always made me feel quite grown up.  With a new outfit, new pencil case and a few other supplies, I'd be all set for the new adventure of the latest school year, anxiously waiting for that first day when I could hop onto the school bus with my friends, filled with anticipation, hope and excitement.  Times have changed, but when I start seeing back-to-school signs, a part of me reverts back to childhood when a new school year meant an exciting, new world awaiting me.

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