Monday, August 20, 2012

Vitamin N

I read in the August 2012 edition of tasteforlife magazine that a walk in nature can help you boost your brain power and elevate your mood.  They called it getting a dose of Vitamin N (for Nature).  Recently, I was feeling stressed about something at work and found myself craving walks at Devil's Lake State Park.  Thankfully, the weather cooperated, as did my walking partner Larry, and off we trekked night after night.  I knew that I needed a dose of Vitamin N.  A few days later, my friend Chris sang "How Great Thou Art" at church, a favorite hymn of mine.  As I listened to the familiar lyrics, I realized that the writer of that hymn and I both benefited from Vitamin N.  In the second verse of that popular hymn, the writer talks about the benefits of wandering through woods and forest glades, hearing the birds and the brook, and feeling the gentle breeze.  Indeed! I love getting my daily dose of Vitamin N.

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