Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fiddling Around

I recently read about pioneer life in our community from 150 years ago.  How joyfully small and intimate life was in those days -- not a particularly easy life, but one filled with gratitude and celebration nonetheless.  These particular writings focused on celebrations and festivities, most of which involved food and dancing.  At a time well before radio, TV, telephone or the rather isolating experience of sitting behind a computer, these pioneers made their own entertainment and enjoyed much of it in a communal style.  Donation, Surprise and Pound Parties and Festivals were their version of today's fundraising events.  Christmas was reserved for a family dinner, while gifts were given on New Year's Day.  Spelling bees, debates and community sing-alongs were popular.  Everyone attended funerals, whether you knew the person who had passed away or not.  And everyone equally attended butcherings, which ended as you might guess, with a big dinner or supper and a dance (if someone had a fiddle and someone usually did).   It was fun to read about simpler times when neighbors knew neighbors and everyone would dance (if someone had a fiddle and someone usually did).

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