Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Birthday Party

Our Christmas was a birthday party.  From a Biblical perspective, Christmas is, as the song says, “the birthday party of the king.”  Our Christmas was also a birthday party for our good friend Betty who turned 90 on Christmas Day.  We celebrated with our good friend over good food and good conversation.  Our Christmas feast came from our church’s community Christmas dinner.  We brought take-out containers to Betty's house, ate ourselves silly, yet still saved room for Christmas treats and birthday cake and ice cream. We were joined on occasion by Betty’s feline ladies who otherwise enjoyed a long, Christmas Day nap.  The gift wrapping, bows and ribbons will make for appealing playthings for the kitties. In every way, our Christmas was a blessing -- a celebration of the meaning of the holiday, a birthday party for our dear friend and an opportunity to break bread together in gratitude for all that we have and for each other.  Those were precious Christmas gifts indeed.

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