Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Press Check

I am about to become a published book author for the first time in my life.  To say that I am overjoyed is an understatement.  Yesterday, the book's designer and I took a road trip to the printer a couple of hours away so we could perform a press check to ensure that the published book would look as we had envisioned it on the computer screen.  I have been given a most rare gift by my employer:  Earlier this year, I was given the budget and complete artistic license to research, write and edit and select the images for this book, which will commemorate our community's 90 years of local health care facilities and services and the people who have delivered and continue to deliver exceptional, compassionate health care.  Over a 14-month period, beginning last month, our community is celebrating momentous anniversaries of our three major local health care facilities:  St. Mary's Ringling Hospital/Manor and Convent (90 years as of November 2012), St. Clare Hospital (50 years as of June 2013) and St. Clare Meadows Care Center (40 years as of December 2013).  While it has involved many hours of my free time, this book has been a labor of love.  I am grateful to have been entrusted with such a project.  Soon, 2,500 copies of the book will arrive at St. Clare Hospital.  None will be sold.  The project was designed so that all of the books will be given away.  I believe that we pave our future by understanding and respecting our past.  Hopefully, this new book will contribute to that perspective.

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