Monday, December 24, 2012

Bringing Meaning to My Christmas Eve

Our church hosts a free community dinner each Christmas. It's a delicious meal.  It’s a celebration of Christmas in the peaceful, beautiful space that we call our church. It’s an invitation to one and all looking to join together in breaking bread with others on the holiday.  Hopefully, each person who partakes in the dinner will feel the love that went into preparing it by the scores of volunteers. This year, once again, I spent part of my Christmas Eve day helping prepare the dinner. There were relish trays to assemble and place settings for 200 people to set out on long, decorated tables. There were turkeys to roast, hams to bake, potatoes to mash and salads to prepare.   I had "new" assignments this year of preparing sweet potatoes, slicing dinner rolls, preparing some of the rolls for take-out containers, and slicing pies.  The church's kitchen had the heavenly commingled smells of roasted turkey, sage dressing and cranberries popping on the stovetop. Larry and I will go to Christmas Eve service at church tonight and probably drive around to look at Christmas lights once again and then snuggle up to watch some old Christmas movie on television until our eyelids get too heavy.  May the blessings of this holiday be abundant in your life.  May you remember with joy those loved ones no longer with you and, at the same time, give greetings and big hugs and kisses to those you love who are in your midst.  And may you have a heart that is light and filled with gratitude, for the gifts of the spirit are present and lasting. ‘Wishing you a merry Christmas --

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