Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oh, Andy

My Saturday had been busy and I was running close to the wire, but I knew I had to stop everything before 5:00 p.m. and sit myself down in front of the television, for the best of the Andy Williams Christmas television specials was airing on PBS.  I've seen the show perhaps half a dozen times, but I just couldn't miss it, especially since this would be the first Christmas since Andy had passed away.  Usually when I see this particular TV special, I sing along with Andy, with him and his brothers, and with the Osmonds.  But, alas, this year, my cold had total control of my vocal cords and all that would come out was a whisper or a husky croaking sound that didn't even faintly resemble my singing voice.  So, I plunked myself down in the big leather easy chair and tapped my feet on the ottoman to the beat of Andy's lovely renditions of one great Christmas classic after another and I kept my mouth shut.  Oh, how I loved Andy's smooth tones, and when he sang with his brothers, the harmonic blend was as smooth as butter.  Andy's Christmas specials taught us that our relationships with family (or friends who feel like family) are precious and that we need to make memories with them as much as possible for current enjoyment and future joyful reflection.  Sleep in heavenly peace, Andy.

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