Monday, December 17, 2012

Yawning Angels and Sheep That Go Baa

One of the most joyful things for me about the Christmas season is our church's annual pageant performed by the children and youth.  Yesterday was such a pageant.  The talented kids, inspired, mentored and coached by gifted adults, told the Biblical Christmas story through Scripture, song, poetry, narration and acting.  Everyone involved did a wonderful job.  The packed church was filled with proud parents and grandparents, many of whom had digital still and video cameras in hand.  Those of us in the back pews craned our necks to make sure that we didn't miss any of the action, especially among the youngest and shortest of the pageant's stars.  There were tiny, little girls dressed as angels, complete with garland halos (at least one little angel was caught yawning during the performance).  There were little boys dressed as precious little sheep.  Each knew his line well ("baa").  Slightly taller boys adorned long black and gray beards to be shepherds and even taller boys carried gold-wrapped boxes and silver vessels as the three kings.  Mary and Joseph were reverent and the angel Gabriel was portrayed with elegance.  No single performer outshone the other.  They performed as an ensemble and together, told the Christmas story with eloquence.  I thank them for sharing their abundant talents to tell us once again that important story of Love. 

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