Saturday, December 22, 2012


I really love to sing and at this time of year when Christmas music is playing in stores, on the radio, at church and just about anywhere you go, it's nice to be able to hum or sing along with Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Harry Connick, Jr., Steve Lawrence and the gang.  With my cold dragging on for so long, I've not only had a husky speaking voice, my singing voice has been in its basement range at best.  Gratefully, my singing voice is coming back and I've been able to carol and sing and hum along with Bing to my heart's content.  Whether we're great singers or just singers in the shower, isn't it lovely to have a song on your lips and one in your heart?  And what better time to be able to sing joyfully than at Christmas when there are so many great pieces of secular and sacred music?  Whether it's "Jolly Old St. Nicholas" or "O Holy Night," now is the time to sing with gladness and Joy to the World.

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