Sunday, December 16, 2012

Healing Notes

This past week has been one marked with sadness, loss and tragedy.  In addition to our own family's loss of my mother-in-law, two people I know each lost a parent/parent-in-law.  Then, a chance conversation with an old friend revealed that his family has endured great sadness and upset over the past year.  On another chance occasion, another old friend told me about his past year of surgeries and his return to work only recently after a prolonged recuperation.  Then, the terrible tragedy struck in Connecticut, resulting in such tremendous loss that there are barely words to express the horror.  We assuredly cling to our faith in difficult times, but I realized that music has also had a place of healing in my life over the past week.  Upon our return from his mother's memorial service, Larry and I attended a concert performed by the University of Wisconsin-Baraboo/Sauk County campus and community choir.  Truly, I felt we experienced a jubilant musical gift.  Then, last evening, we attended a concert performed by Grammy award-winning vocalist Darlene Koldenhoven and the Sauk Prairie Youth Choir.  As a booking agent, Larry represents Ms. Koldenhoven who performs, teaches and composes.  Her vocal range spans some five octaves, all of which she artfully used in last evening's performance.  Her concert, comprised of familiar holiday selections and music she had written, featured common themes of peace, unity, harmony and love.  In both concerts over the last few days, the healing notes of music washed over me.  My heavy heart for our loss and the losses and sorrows of others was lifted in songs of joy, love and peace.  May we carry such songs in our hearts and translate them into peaceful words and loving actions every day.

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  1. Music lifts me up too! Wish I had caught the concert, Friday was a heart-wrenching day for all of us.


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