Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Day

We mark this last day of fall with a blizzard.  And while the snow storm is inconveniently timed for many things, including holiday shopping, travel and parties, I have found it to be an early Christmas gift.  Sadly, it seems that only during times of bad weather or illness do I let myself -- guilt-free -- be quiet, move slowly and stop my activity completely to curl up in a chair to read and nap.  I have been craving one of those days and today has been it.  I heard some of my colleagues at work talk about their anticipated day home during the storm making snowmen, baking cookies, wrapping Christmas presents and spending time over hot cocoa with their children.  Larry and I listened to Christmas music on the radio, ate a leisurely lunch and enjoyed hanging out together for an entire, uninterrupted day.  I also got in some serious reading time with a 1930s-era, Lord Peter Wimsey murder mystery by the great Dorothy L. Sayers.  Time with Larry, a good book, a cozy chair with an inviting quilt made by my dear friend Kitty, and a view of the storm outside my window while "The First Noel" played on the radio.  I had nowhere to go and nothing on my to-do list.  I couldn't have asked for more today.

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