Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Chew on This

I did it again.  I somehow thought that we had a household of 50 people when I shopped at the farmer's market.  I get so enthused about the wide array of locally grown, delicious and whole food that I overbuy, thus causing us to consume pretty much only vegetables for most of our lunches and dinners throughout the week.  That's a healthy way to eat, but I really don't need to buy the volumes of food that I do.  Each time I head to the farmer's market, I recite to myself again and again that I will only buy what we can comfortably eat (with an emphasis on comfortably).  Yet, I get there and all recitations fly out of my head and I start buying in a strangely euphoric, trance-like state.  When I get back to the car and look into my bag, I wonder just how I bought so much food.  It's almost as if I have been hypnotized.  When next winter comes around, however, I will crave just one more fresh green pepper or ruby red tomato, so perhaps it's alright to buy with such vigor and extravagance during the summer, because in the winter, I'll only be chewing on the memories.

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