Thursday, August 29, 2013

Passionate about Plaid

I found a kindred spirit recently when I met a woman who loves plaid.  She has collected so many articles of plaid clothing, decorations made from plaid fabric, and picnic ware painted with plaid designs that she was able to create a display on a large platform stage.  Although the building featured many eye-appealing exhibits, my eye went directly to the platform stage filled with plaid.  I've loved plaid from childhood on.  My mom, who was a wonderful seamstress, made us matching red plaid jumpers when I was a little girl.  We wore them with matching white blouses with big tied bows at the neck.   When I was in fifth grade, I bought a dark turquoise sweater and matching plaid skirt with my summer allowance monies as a new outfit for school.  I couldn't wait for it to get cold enough that year so I could break out the new plaid apparel. As a teen, I wore favorite red plaid pants with saddle shoes that were in vogue at the time.  I recall also feeling quite snazzy wearing pink and cream plaid pants that I wore with a pink and cream vest.  In high school, I went through a brief sewing phase where I bravely (and, surprise! successfully) sewed plaid skirts in taupe and hunter green and other hues. Last winter, I found a dark blue, green and black plaid skirt in a favorite thrift store.  What a find!  I wore it frequently with sweaters in black, green and blue.  There is something happy and celebratory about plaid.  I left that exhibit recently, just as I did as a young girl, waiting for the first wintery day when my passion for plaid can be realized once again.

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  1. ah Keri. This gave me a smile. I, too, love plaid. I enjoy your descriptions of plaid loved from outfits past and especially the remembrance of you and your wonderful mom in matching handmade outfits. love.


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