Thursday, August 22, 2013

On My Knees

I like to scrub our wood laminate floors on my hands and knees, rather than using a mop.  I get a satisfaction in knowing that I exerted myself to really clean in the corners and scrub the high-traffic areas.  One recent weekend afternoon, I decided it was time to do some heavy-duty, laminate-floor cleaning so I moved around, crab-like, on the expansive floor, carefully wiping every surface thoroughly.  As I worked away on my knees, I thought about the good people I'd heard about at church who needed our prayers.  I thought about the things that had been weighing heavy in my own heart.  So, I used my time on my knees for something other than washing floors.  It was the perfect time and posture in which to meditate, contemplate and pray.  The physical effort of my work turned into a spiritual experience, so much so, that I almost hated to see the task finished.  That time on my knees was worth my while in every way.

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