Monday, August 12, 2013

Rumps Up!

While walking at Devil's Lake last week, Larry and I came upon a dozen ducks in the lake a few feet from the shoreline, all with their tail feathers in the air.  It must have been dinner time.  One can only imagine the tasty morsels they were savoring.  Otherwise, why forage as deeply into the water as they were?  It's a miraculous thing that they could do so without completing submerging.  There they were, easily bobbing back up again and then heading back down a moment later. Although their upended activity was perfectly normal to them, I couldn't help but chuckle at the sight.  If I'd only had a camera.  The next evening, we came upon another dozen ducks (perhaps the same ones), but this time they were skimming along the water, all in a straight row.  I've never made it a practice to study ducks or other water fowl to any great degree, but I must admit that I found their actions fascinating last week.  It made me wonder if they weren't thinking the same thing of Larry and me.

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