Monday, August 26, 2013

Smell Like Sunshine

I love how our backyard neighbor hangs her clothes out on the long line in her backyard.  Living in a condo with space constraints, I don't have that same luxury as the homeowner behind us, but I do long for clothes and especially bed linens that smell like sunshine, dried to a crispness that only a clothesline can do.  Our late neighbor Peg, who lived to be a nonagenarian, rose before the sun, washed her clothes and linens, and already had them on the line by the time I'd awaken and take my first look at the new day out our bedroom window.  The sight of her clothes on the line always made me smile, creating a delightful start to my day. Peg must be smiling from above herself these days as she sees that the person who bought her home has the same desire to bring that sunshine smell into her home with clothes dried on the line.

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