Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Day at a Time

In the 1970s, there was a popular sitcom called "One Day at a Time."  While I watched the show regularly as a teenager, I never really thought about the implications of the show's title.  Indeed, we are all given but one day at a time.  How we use each of those single days is the stuff of contemplation and careful action, especially as we grow older and we realize that those days have been numbered all along. Recently when given sad news about a friend's health, I was reminded of the importance of enjoying each moment and living a day at a time with a heart full of gratitude and a willingness to help bear one another's burdens.  None of us knows what tomorrow will bring or even the next minute for that matter, but we do have the gift of today, this moment.  We also have the ability to live our lives one day at a time with the fullness of our attention that it deserves.  I am trying not to multi-task or worry or regret these days, but instead to try to live as I did when I was a child before the myriad adult distractions hadn't been placed in my mind yet as so-called priorities.  It admittedly takes some effort, but the gift of living a day at a time is well worth it.

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