Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Watching the Raindrops

I love the occasional rainy afternoon.  Such was the weather a week ago Sunday, when the rain fell gently, my partially read book beckoned me and I found myself sitting in our sun porch, rocking, reading and watching the raindrops.  With the windows open, the cool breezes wafted in.  It was glorious!  Rainy days are peaceful.  They quiet me down and cause me to rest, relax and reflect.  If I had my druthers, the sun would shine nearly all of the time and the temperatures would be a moderate 75 degrees, for I love to be out and about, getting my energy from interactions with others.  However, a balance is needed and rainy days help provide that balance for me.  So, I sat and watched the rain nourish the soil, the trees and the plants and I allowed it to nourish me, as well, in the quiet of my rocking chair a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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