Sunday, July 14, 2013

Poor Wayfaring Strangers

My friend Charlene and I made music once again today.  Every few months, we sing an a cappella piece of music at our church.  Normally, we sing something peppy, but this time, we sang "Poor Wayfaring Stranger."  The arrangement of the American folk ballad was simple, yet lovely. The lyrics were soulful and filled with much meaning.  I especially liked the words: "I know dark clouds will gather 'round me; I know my way is rough and steep.  Yet beauteous fields lie just before me...."  Those are words of hope, faith and a knowing of better days ahead.  When the way is difficult, there is always something to which to look forward, something both today and ahead to keep our spirits positive and our hearts light.  In some ways, we're all probably poor wayfaring strangers in this life, but today as Charlene and I sang, I felt in full communion with her and others and had a light heart and deep knowing that the beauteous fields truly did just lie before me.

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