Monday, July 15, 2013

Lifelong Learning

Larry and I had the pleasure of talking with two women recently who embrace lifelong learning.  One told us about the art classes she takes and the art she has created as a result of her education.  The other woman told about the classes she took that resulted in her ability to butcher her own hog and enjoy cuts of meat in which she had had a hand.  The first woman spoke of how she combines different media to create her art, each piece a unique expression of her talent and experience.  The other woman spoke knowledgeably about types of ribs, from what part of the pig bacon originates and how to make sausage. Their passion and knowledge fascinated me.  We're always reminded that although formal education may conclude for us at some point, there are myriad opportunities to keep learning throughout our lives.  Those two women made me ponder about what I might like to learn.  What subjects are calling me for increased knowledge?

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