Friday, July 12, 2013

Toe Tapping

Every Saturday throughout the summer, there's big band music at the Chateau at Devil's Lake State Park.  Last Saturday, Larry and I walked at the lake and then tapped our toes to the music wafting from the Chateau's open windows.  There's something magical about hearing music at such a beautiful place.  The weekend before, we had walked at the lake and then took in a concert on the lake's shore.  Music bridges the generations, as was evidenced that evening when children and their parents and, in some cases, their grandparents danced, tapped their toes, sang, played makeshift instruments and gestured to the music.  All winter long, I carry the memory close to me of those carefree summer nights when music travels the shoreline and tapping one's toes is all it takes to feel fully entertained.

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