Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Darting Along the Water's Edge

I have a thing for dragonflies.  I love their translucent beauty, their elegance and their lightness.  My friend Mary gave me a dragonfly pin last year that I frequently wear.  The pin's colors seem to go with just about everything in my closet.  A few days ago, I showed the pin to my friend M.J. as she showed me her new, delicate dragonfly tattoo.  I guess you could say that M.J. and I are dragonfly kindred spirits.  So, I thought of her one recent evening when my husband Larry and I were walking at Devil's Lake State Park.  The sun was starting to go down as we reached the south shore.  It was there that I discovered magic and enchantment.  There were dragonflies everywhere we looked, darting back and forth along the water's edge, skimming just above the surface, undoubtedly catching some evening insect snacks.  I nearly tripped a couple of times because I wasn't watching where I was going. Instead, my eyes were fixed on the beautiful, darting, skimming, hovering dragonflies.  Magnificent!

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