Monday, July 22, 2013

Lost in the Stacks

Melissa, my young work colleague, and I got into a discussion recently about our love for libraries, how each of us could get lost in them, reveling in the experience of being in the stacks surrounded by books, books and more books.  A college student, Melissa is used to reading textbooks for her studies, but recently enjoyed reading a 500-page book just for fun.  We both agreed that there is something almost indescribably wonderful about reading and how we still enjoy reading hard-copy books.  We both love the smell of the pages, the glue and even the mustiness of well-read tomes.  No matter how my day has gone or how tired I am, there is nothing so welcoming than to spend my pre-bedtime minutes with my nose in a book.  It relaxes me and prepares me for sleep in a way that almost nothing else does for me.  If I were to become lost anywhere, let it be in a library or between the pages of one of the many literary wonders found there.

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