Friday, July 26, 2013

Queen Anne and Lily

The ladies are blooming in the fields these days.  Queen Anne's Lace, in all of its delicate, white finery and wild tiger lilies, wearing vibrant orange attire, dot the landscape, especially along rural roadways.  You always know when it's July in Wisconsin, for these two lovely ladies, Queen Anne and Lily, start to bloom and they keep blooming through the entire month.  We're now reaching the end of July and they are still looking regal and elegant, swaying in the slight summer breezes, still bringing color and unexpected beauty to verdant roadway ditches.  As I say so often, I'm grateful to live on the edge of town where I get the best of both worlds -- a little bit of community and a little bit of country where I can readily see Queen Anne and Lily any July day.

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