Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Daddy's Girl

I was always very close to my mom, but I had the good fortune of being equally as close to my dad.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to enjoy as many years with Dad as I did with Mom.  Twenty-nine years ago today, my father passed away at the young age of 65 from cardiac failure.  Today, my thoughts go to Dad and the many wonderful memories I had with him.  He always offered great advice, but only when asked.  He wasn't the kind to assert himself and give unsolicited suggestions.  I found myself going to him often, for his guidance was sound and his words measured and wise.  My favorite adult memories of my dad were the times when he and I would go on father-daughter dates.  It was during a time when my maternal grandparents' health was failing and Mom would travel as her work schedule permitted to support my grandparents and my aunt.  When Dad and I were left to our own devices, we'd invariably schedule one evening just for the two of us.  We'd go out for dinner somewhere in Wisconsin Dells, walk around the downtown and then take in a musical show at Chula Vista Resort.  To this day, I can recall those special evenings being Daddy's Girl, just one more time.

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