Saturday, July 27, 2013


The air was still, the sweat pouring off of everyone, but there I sat in an open building with no air conditioning with a smile on my face.  While waiting to speak to a group of people, I watched the view through a nearby open door and saw the loveliest scene of oak trees towering over freshly mown grass, the atmosphere dappled with a little bit of sun and the songs of birds.  The view through that door was a little bit of heaven to me.  If it hadn't been so terribly warm and had I not wanted to get home to return a phone call in the comfort of the air conditioning, I would have been tempted to walk through that door into that little bit of heaven, just to soak it up deep, deep into my memory.  As it was, I glanced over my shoulder one more time as I exited the opposite way, grateful that despite the oppressive heat, I had been given the opportunity to sit in the stillness long enough to see something so beautiful and memorable that it quieted my mind, cooled my body and gave me a sense of being very close to heaven.

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