Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Towering Corn

I took a drive into the country one recent sweltering evening, en route to an appointment.  It had been just a short while since I'd been on that route, yet the landscape looked so different.  Sometime, somehow in the past week, the corn had grown and grown!  On either side of me, the corn was so tall that it dwarfed the car roof and made for a tunnel-like effect.  My mouth immediately started to water because I knew that if the corn was knee-high by the 4th of July and well over the height of my car by the end of the month, it wouldn't be long and we'd be enjoying ears of sweet corn for supper.  Although it's kind of messy, I love the taste of sweet corn, the sweet juice running down my chin and splattering my glasses (unless I remember to take them off while I eat).  Once again -- and it may sound kind of corny (forgive the pun), I was grateful that I live in a rural area where towering corn is only a few blocks from my home.

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