Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Angels All Around Us

The most interesting angels are those without wings and halos.  They're not always easy to identify, but they are there, all around us every day.  They are the good folks who tirelessly devote their energies to doing good for others, whether it's linked to the Christmas season or not.  They are the ones who are ever looking for ways to serve.  They don't carry harps or wear long, white flowing gowns, but they are angels all the same. Over the past couple of days, I have had the pleasure of witnessing such angels in action as they organized, prepared and served a free Christmas dinner to the community.  With the merriment of Santa's elves, these angels gave up time with family to cook turkeys and hams, peel and cook pounds of potatoes, chop vegetables, donate salads and desserts, set tables, provide music and offer words of Christmas cheer to all who entered our church to share the Christmas feast.  I saw time and time again demonstrations of love. Larry and I were richly blessed to play supporting roles to the work of these selfless individuals.  I can think of no greater Christmas gift.  Merry Christmas!

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