Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Doesn't Cost a Lot of Doh

While shopping recently, I noticed a display of Play-Doh® and saw that it was still a very reasonably priced toy.  I used to love playing with the brightly colored dough when I was a child, making little people and other creations. Just taking in the scent of the dough would get me excited about my project. Rolling, pressing and fabricating little sculptures and models out of Play-Doh® was a marvelous, quiet way to while away Sunday afternoons. I could let my imagination soar as I made my creations.  Just a few days after seeing the store display, I coincidentally read that Play-Doh® was originally marketed in the 1950s as a compound for removing or cleaning wallpaper, not as a modeling clay. Whatever its original intent, this child remembers many hours of enjoyment playing with Play-Doh®. I'm heartened to know that today's children are still captivated by it as they roll, press and fabricate modeling clay creations fresh from their imaginations.

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