Monday, December 16, 2013

In Tune

My friend Lorraine was a marvelous musician.  A skilled pianist and organist, Lorraine could make the keys sing whenever she played.  Lorraine passed away last week and her service of remembrance was last weekend. I had the honor of leading a cappella singing of two hymns during Lorraine's service.  In preparation, I stopped at our church early last Friday morning, dashed into the sanctuary and selected a hymnal from an area of the church where I didn't think it would be missed for a few days.  Out of force of habit, I opened the hymnal to see who had sponsored it.  I gasped as I read that it was the one my late mom had purchased in honor of her parents some 20 years ago or more.  I closed the hymnal, hugged it close to my body and left the church both teary-eyed and smiling.  Mom thought so highly of Lorraine.  Like me, Mom appreciated Lorraine's music and, even more, her beautiful, peaceful and wise countenance. For many years and especially since my mom's passing, I have noticed that I am more in tune with subtle and sometimes inexplicable signs that make me feel as if my mom and dad are very close to me.  I felt it again as I opened my hymnal on Saturday to lead the congregation in singing Lorraine's favorite hymns.  Truly, the moment was "Amazing Grace."

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