Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Softly, Softly

One may think that all I do is stand at the window, looking out.  And perhaps I do.  But the recent snowfalls have rendered me speechless and made me want to be nowhere but at the window, looking out.  On more than one occasion lately, I've watched the snow fall, during the day, in the evening.  When there's no threat of wind, ice or storm, the act of watching the snow fall gently to the ground can be one of tranquility and centering.  There's a meditative feeling to simply letting go of one's thoughts and watching the snow fall quietly to the ground.  During the day, the snow falls from a sky that is the color of steel.  At night, the white blanket below reflects the falling snow, making the sky bright.  When burdens feel heavy and thoughts feel deep, all I need to do is stand at the window, looking out, and all seems right with my world.

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