Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dash of Plaid

I so love plaid.  When Christmas comes around, I seem to like it even more.  Perhaps it all stems from the matching red plaid "mother and daughter" jumpers that Mom sewed for the two of us many years ago to wear at Christmastime with white blouses featuring bows that flopped when tied at the neck. A couple of nights ago, I was at my favorite thrift store seeking something specific when, all of a sudden, I found myself standing in front of a winter scarf display, staring at a striking red, cream and black plaid scarf.  It was soft, not too thick, just the right length and only $1.00.  Everything about it told me to buy it.  I don't wear many decorative scarves, as I'm rather on the short side and my neck easily feels overpowered by the folds of a scarf around my neck. Yet, this one was perfect.  Today, I wore my new scarf, just a dash of plaid to perk up my otherwise monochromatic outfit.  Little did I realize how one dollar would bring me such joy.  I believe I'll be wearing a dash of plaid often this Christmas season, thinking back to my mom, matching jumpers, and blouses with bows that flopped at the neck. 

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