Friday, December 27, 2013

Mitch Miller and Me

As a little girl, my family watched "Sing Along with Mitch" on our black and white television. Wearing his characteristic goatee, Mitch Miller entered our homes with his orchestra and invited us to sing along with his music by following the lyrics that ran across the bottom of the TV screen.  From a small child on, I have loved to sing and Mitch Miller helped inspire that love.  Although not much of one to watch television, for the past several weeks, I've often had our TV tuned to the cable channel that played Christmas music around the clock.  Mitch Miller has been one of the recording artists and conductors featured in the rotation of holiday music.  And, living up to his 1960s television show, I've sung along with Mitch every time. Christmas music is now just about over for another year, but until the channel stops playing holiday favorites, I'll keep singing along with Mitch and Perry Como and Andy Williams and Robert Goulet and Eydie Gorme and Rosemary Clooney and....

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  1. I too remember those days its too bad that there is ot more programing like that today may be the world would be just a little better place


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