Monday, December 30, 2013

Up, Down

Winter is full of surprises.  Just when I thought I might be getting used to sub-zero lows and inches of snow, we experienced an unexpected rise in temperatures over the weekend, only to be plunged once again into a deep freeze as the new week began.  Such are winter's whims.  It's a strange thing, but I'll welcome, practically beg for such a warm-up a month from now when January feels interminable.  But, between the holidays, I just wasn't in the mood for 40-degree weather and melting snow.  I somehow think that the holidays are meant for Currier & Ives scenes of light snowfall, air so brisk that you can see the puffs of your breath, and enough of a chill to welcome curling up with a cup of tea and a good book while snuggled under a favorite afghan.  I think of those days between the holidays as naturally "cozy" days.  When it's 40 degrees, I just want to be outside, watching the buds on the lilac and azalea, anticipating spring to arrive any moment. Now that we're back in the big chill of December, I'm back to thinking cozy thoughts while keeping one eye on the stack of books next to my favorite reading chair, settling in for a long winter's night. 

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