Sunday, December 22, 2013

Time of Waitin'

Our church choir sang a song today about Advent, about the how the "whole wide world is waitin'."  Our pastor made a statement a couple of weeks ago during her message that spoke to me loudly.  She said that Advent is a time to wait because change is coming.  She further said that you need to keep your face to the sun and your feet forward in anticipation of that change that is to come.  How often I find myself impatient, not overly willing to wait because I want to have something happen right now.  But Advent teaches us otherwise.  There is a place of importance for waiting in our lives, for living in the present moment, ever grateful, but knowing with confidence that change is coming in its own due time.  There is a grace to waiting, a trusting that all will be well if we only let it be.  So, today, I will let go of the insistence that I know or try to control the outcome.  Instead, I'll be waitin' and it'll be OK.

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